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This is the second message in The Beginner’s Guide to Jewish Roots album.

An in-depth, nine-hour seminar exploring various aspects of the Jewish Roots of the Church. Studying our Jewish Roots gives us God’s prophetic perspective. This is why Satan has so fiercely fought to remove the church from her biblical relationship with her Jewish Roots and with the Jewish people. For centuries the church has been influenced by the rationalistic philosophies of
the Greco-Roman world rather than by the Hebraic patterns taught in the Bible. Learn how to think Hebraically, so that those philosophies no longer influence your faith. Your Jewish Roots are anointed, and that anointing is your inheritance. God is desiring a Church that can provoke Israel to spiritual jealousy. Will you be part of that church?


  1.  Jewish Roots: A Prophetic Paradigm
  2.  Your Jewish Roots
  3.  Satan and Your Jewish Roots
  4.  Hebraic or Greco-Roman Thinking
  5.  Experiencing Your Jewish Roots
  6.  Building a Testimony to the Jewish People
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