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This is the second message in The 21st Century Church album.

The Church in the 21st century must become more and more like the Church in the 1st century, with its focus on evangelism and discipleship. We must understand the fundamental apostolic, prophetic and Hebraic foundations of the Authentic Body of Christ. But we are not living in the 1st century, so we must also recognize the signs of the times that we are living in so that we can listen to the Holy Spirit as He gives wisdom for daily living. We must also recognize our personal all to be people of influence, and not be satisfied with merely being “church goers.” The Authentic Body of Christ in the 21st century must recognize that God expects her to do only four things: bring salvation to the lost, maturity to the saved, training for the mature, and sending out the trained.

1. Some Signs of the Times
2. Your Circle of Influence
3. Saved, Healed, Trained and Sent

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