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This is the third message in the Deeper Still album.

In the spirit of every disciple, there is a Holy Spirit created desire to have an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord. These messages are intended to help you enter into that deeper place. You will learn how important revelation is and how it imparts life and joy into your inner-most being. In order to go deeper, you must be willing to die to yourself, get rid of the “Me” and begin to truly live in union with the Lord. As you mature, you will become more and more of a servant and be able to walk in the many new and exciting opportunities your obedience brings.


  1. Revelation and Impartation
  2. Internal Joy
  3. Willing to Live, Willing to Die
  4. Get Rid of Me
  5. Obedience and Opportunity
  6. Anointing, Servanthood and Maturity
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