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This is the first message in the Revolution in the Church album.

God gave Dr. Morgan a vision of a Church building being split in half, and from the base of that split a huge tree emerging. The Lord said, “I am going to deliver the Body of Christ from the Spirit of the Christian Religion.” The “Spirit of the Christian Religion” is a counterfeit of the authentic anointing of the Holy Spirit. It places people in bondage to a system that not only keeps them from maturing as disciples and fulfilling the purposes of God for their lives, but also
masquerades as the authentic Christian religion. There is a proclamation coming from heaven for a “Revolution” that will set people free from that spirit, into the freedom and liberty of the Holy.

1. The Shofar is Blowing
2. The Coming Revolution
3. Church as We Know it, is Over
4. Re-build the Walls

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