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This is the sixth message in The Exchanged Life album.

As a young believer, Dr. Morgan received a vision of the Cross. God told him, “Do not be afraid of the Cross. It is the place of exchange.” It is the place where we can give God our old life, with all of its “negative stuff” and receive in exchange God’s perfect life of peace, love and joy. In this series, Dr. Morgan explains more of what he has learned about the Cross through 45 years of walking with God and how you can make those exchanges. This series will really expand your understanding of what Jesus did for you, and will now do for you, at the Cross. The power of the Cross has been preached about and sung about, but few people have actually learned how to appropriate its power. This series will teach you how. Your life will never be the same!


  1. Yield Your Will
  2. The Exchanged Life
  3. Absolute Surrender
  4. Find Your Identity
  5. Real Freedom
  6. The Higher Calling
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