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This is the first message in the Spiritual Warfare album.

This extremely popular 12 CD series brings you great insight and straight forward practical applications for constant victory over Satan, sin and self (our real enemy). Many believers fail to live triumphantly because they don’t know how to overcome all of the devices of the devil. This series will revolutionize the way you fight the fight of faith.


  1. Taking the Land
  2. The Blood of Jesus
  3. The Cross of Christ
  4. Our Spiritual Weapons
  5. How to Use Your Weapons -Part 1
  6. How to Use Your Weapons -Part 2
  7. Prophetic Pictures
  8. Prophetic Promises -Part 1
  9. Prophetic Promises -Part 2
  10. Satan’s Strategies -Part 1
  11. Satan’s Strategies -Part 2
  12. Satan and Eve
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