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When you came to faith in Jesus and were born again, you were birthed into a Supernatural realm. Believing in Jesus is not an invitation to a life of “religion” or “Church meetings,” but to an exciting life with the Supernatural God of Israel. This is the call of the Lord upon each of His disciples and the inheritance He died to give us. Many people live far below their supernatural inheritance. In this series, Dr. Morgan explains some of the Biblical principles for walking in the Supernatural. You learn how to “Drink the Living Water” so you can go “Higher and Deeper” and “Unfurl Your Sails” being truly led by the Holy Spirit. Your Christian life is supposed to be a Supernatural Adventure!! If it isn’t, then this life-changing series is for you!


  1. Drink the Living Water
  2. Higher and Deeper
  3. Unfurl Your Sails
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