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Every disciple of Jesus must understand that the Body of Christ has Hebraic Roots and a Biblical relationship and responsibility to Jewish people. Presently, God is restoring this understanding to the Church. Part of this restoration is recognizing that anti-Semitism is more than a merely human social, economic, or political phenomenon focused on the persecution or destruction of Jewish people. Working with the spirit of anti-Christ, they have created satanic strategies focused on preventing the Second Coming of Jesus. Dr. Morgan shows the significance of aligning with God’s prophetic purposes for the Church and the Jewish people. There is a great spiritual battle opposing everyone who confronts anti-Semitism and participates in God’s purposes for the Church and the Jewish people. When you recognize the Biblical foundations and spiritual realities of this great end-time move of the Holy Spirit and join the battle, you will be helping to “Prepare the way for the return of the Lord!
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