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“But Jesus called them together and said, ‘Among the heathen, kings are tyrants and each minor official lords it over those beneath him. But among you it is quite different. Anyone wanting to be a leader among you must be your servant.’” Matt 20:25-26.Because Christianity has been so heavily influenced by western cultural values, we do not understand or esteem Servanthood as taught in the Bible. We often think of servants as people who do not have personal value, have no free will, and will do things that are beneath them. This is not what the Scriptures teach. Servants of the Lord have the highest value in the Kingdom of God because they have given their lives to the King for the fulfillment of His Purposes. This gives servants tremendous personal freedom. They are not bound by the need for approval or the need to control other people. Not only do they enjoy that freedom, but they are also empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve the purposes of God in the lives of others. Remember this: Servants of the Lord are not slaves; they are powerful ministers of God’s will!


  1. Spirit Empowered Servanthood -Part 1
  2. Spirit Empowered Servanthood -Part 2
  3. Spirit Empowered Servanthood -Part 3
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