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This is the second message in the Romans 11: Has God Rejected His People? No! Certainly Not! album.

The wicked doctrine of demons called “Replacement Theology” is a destructive evil that infected the Church many years ago and tragically continues to do so to this day. This malicious doctrine is responsible for centuries of “Christian Anti-Semitism” because it teaches that the Church has replaced the Jewish people. The legacy of this doctrine is centuries of hateful persecution of the Jewish people in the name of Jesus. This is in clear contradiction and disobedience to the teachings of the Apostle Paul in Romans 11. In verse 1 of that very significant portion of Scripture, Paul states clearly and unmistakably that God has NOT rejected the Jewish people.

In this important series, Dr. Morgan shows how the Church has betrayed her own Lord by embracing and obeying this malicious doctrine. He shows us how the Spirit of Anti-Semitism and the Spirit of Anti-Christ are the same spirit working in two different ways. He also shows how this same doctrine works together with the Spirit of Religion to keep the authentic Body of Christ from entering into her true calling in the Kingdom of God.


  1. Has God Rejected the Jewish People?
  2. Romans 11 and the Spirit of Religion
  3. Romans 11 and the Kingdom of God
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