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This is the third message in the Jewish Roots: A Prophetic Restoration album.

God’s Spirit is restoring the Body of Christ to her Biblical Jewish Roots and to her Biblical relationship and responsibility to the Jewish People. As this restoration progresses, the Body of Christ is growing in her understanding of the present prophetic purposes of God. We are learning how to look at all of life from a “Hebraic Perspective.” We are challenged to examine our beliefs
and practices and ask penetrating, and sometimes disturbing questions about what we believe and practice, and why.

Are we believing things simply because we “always did?” The heart of the Jewish Roots Prophetic Restoration is a challenge to examine everything from the perspective of the purposes of God. Are you up for the Challenge? Are you ready for the Adventure?


  1. Learning About Jewish Roots
  2. Thinking Like a Hebrew
  3. Restoration of the Church
  4. Jewish Roots Restoration
  5. Jewish Roots of the Kingdom of God
  6. Jewish Roots: A Prophetic Paradigm
  7. The Redemptive Faith Community
  8. Jewish Roots and the Body of Christ
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