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This is the third message in the Reshape Your Soul album.

One aspect of the process of discipleship is the work of the Holy Spirit to conform us into the image of the Lord (Rom. 8:29). He accomplishes this transformation in many ways, one of which is the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:2). How we think affects every aspect of our life. In fact, ‘Just One Thought’ can change everything. But we have to ‘deal with our stuff’ and not avoid the
pain and difficulties involved in that process. Sometimes we encounter things in our souls that look and feel like ‘rusted bolts’ that are hard to loosen. But as we cooperate with the Holy Spirit and those He sends to help ‘reshape our soul’ we can learn, change, and grow more and more into the image of the Lord.


  1. Just One Thought
  2. Deal with Your Stuff
  3. Rusted Bolts
  4. Reshape Your Soul
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