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This is the first message in the Rebuilding the Walls album.

In this follow up to the “Demolishing Strongholds” series, Dr. Morgan uses the book of Nehemiah to show the ways in which the Lord rebuilds and restores those things in our personal lives, and in the Body of Christ, that have been destroyed because of sin and/or Satan’s strategies. Nehemiah is the classic model in the Scriptures for instruction in the process that takes place as the Lord directs us to “return to the destroyed places” and with the power of the Holy Spirit “rebuild them” for the fulfillment of God’s purposes. These two messages give us strong encouragement and hope as we understand that God not only wants to rebuild and restore, but that through this process He wants to be glorified in us, and wants to glorify us in Him.


    1. Rebuilding the Walls – Part 1
    2. Rebuilding the Walls – Part 2
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