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This is the second message in the One New Man album.

One of the great revelations in the New Testament is that “in the Messiah” Jews and Gentiles are “One New Man.” By breaking down all barriers between Jews and Gentiles, and making us “one in Messiah,” God is seeking for those who will not only “Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth” but will live in the Love, Unity and Power of the Holy Spirit. As we are restored to our authentic> Apostolic, Prophetic and Hebraic roots, we can understand how we have allowed “Doctrines of Demons” and the “Traditions of Men” to rob us of our inheritance as the Body of Christ. As we regain that inheritance, we enter into the blessings of life “in Christ” as the “One New Man.” These two messages will help you learn more about what it means to be part of the “One New Man” and how different that is from usual church life.


  1. One New Man -Part 1
  2. One New Man -Part 2
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