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This is the sixth message in the Freedom in Christ album

One of the things that the indwelling Christ does in the life of the believer is bring them to ever increasing levels of personal freedom. When we were born again, we were freed from the law of sin and death, yet we must learn how to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. In this series of teachings, Dr. Morgan gives us instruction in how to think, talk, and walk in ways that
bring freedom to our lives. We learn about the ‘power of words,’ so we ‘choose our words’ carefully. We are taught how to see the resources that we already have and how to use them as faithful stewards. Then God can fulfill ‘His plans in His own way,’ and we understand that our greatest freedom comes in really ‘knowing the Lord.’


  1. Choose Your Words
  2. Do Not Depart – Part 1
  3. Do Not Depart – Part 2
  4. His Plan His Way
  5. Freedom in Christ
  6. Oh, That I Might Know Him
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