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This is the first message in the Strategic Thinking for Kingdom Living album.

Are you tired of just going through the motions of “playing church?” Then it is time to stop walking by what you see and hear in the natural, and make the life transforming decision to begin learning to see, hear, and walk “in the Spirit.” As you make that decision, God will teach you many new things. He will show you who you really are “in Christ.” He will show you your true “royal” nature and inheritance. You are, after all, a child of the King! This revelation is part of the present day move of the Holy Spirit to restore the Church. Believers around the world are discovering “Mantles in The Dust.” These mantles are “anointings for ministry” that have been abandoned, and are now being rediscovered and restored. Those who are willing to put on their “mantle” and surrender their lives to fulfill God’s purposes, are finding themselves propelled into new dimensions of ministry.


  1. Natural or Spiritual Thinking
  2. Know Who You Are
  3. Prophetic Thinking
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