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This is the twelfth message in the How to Walk with God album.

Walking with God can be a tremendously exciting, exhilaratingly joyous, and wonderfully fulfilling process. But sometimes it is incredibly difficult and confusing. In this powerful 12 CD series, Dr. Morgan gives us valuable insights into the various dynamics and spiritual flows that are our experience as we walk with God. Life changing teachings that you will listen to over and over.


  1. How to Walk with God
  2. Learning How to Walk in the Light
  3. Whose Report Do You Believe?
  4. Stop, Look, and Listen
  5. Power for Living
  6. Discover the Treasure
  7. Quiet Prayer & Exhortation to be in Him
  8. Going Beyond Yourself
  9. Keep a Proper Focus
  10. Building the House of God
  11. Playing with God
  12. Move on to Maturity
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