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This is the fourth message in the A Prophetic People for a Prophetic Time album.

As God seeks to fulfill his Present Prophetic Purposes, He is searching for disciples who will leave the “spirit of religion” and become His prophetic people. In this series, Dr. Morgan discusses God’s present prophetic purposes, and how we can become and grow as His prophetic people. For too long the Church has misunderstood what it means to “be prophetic.” This series brings scriptural balance and understanding to this vital end-time issue. Prophetic people understand the anointing of the Holy Spirit and how He activates prophetic ministry in all of its diverse manifestations. The world is searching for answers. Mature prophetic people will have the answers. God is searching for You!!


  1. Fall Upon the Rock
  2. Closer to Jesus
  3. Breaking Camp
  4. Mantles in the Dust
  5. Intentional Love
  6. How to Make God Happy
  7. The What and the Why
  8. It’s Time to Grow Up
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