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This is the first message in the Listen to Your Spirit album.

What is often thought of as some great mysterious secret is simply the wonderfully revealed Biblical truth that when we “receive” Jesus into our hearts as Lord, He literally comes to dwell in our spirits by the power of the Holy Spirit. This indwelling anointing is a great untapped resource in the lives of many believers. We are often so overwhelmed by our emotions, or by the pressure of the circumstances in our lives, that we have trouble hearing the voice of the Spirit of God that dwells in our own spirit. This series will help you learn how to discipline your soul so that it does not dominate your spirit. You can have the moment to moment experience of living by the Spirit because you Listen to Your Spirit.


  1. Live in the Spirit
  2. Listen to Your Spirit
  3. Just Say, “Yes, Lord!”
  4. Learn the Lessons of Life
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