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This is the fourth message in The School of the Spirit -Lessons 1 – 6 album.

When you decide to become a disciple of the Kingdom of God, the way you think about life changes. Disciples understand that life is a School where the Holy Spirit can teach wonderful, life-changing lessons. You see yourself as a student in God’s classroom, where your personal instructor, the Holy Spirit, can teach you the “lesson of the day.” You learn to ask new and different questions of God, which bring you into greater levels of intimacy with the Lord, and into greater dimensions of Christ-likeness in your character. Every day is filled with opportunities to learn, as the Master Himself chooses what to teach you. We pray the prayer of Moses in Psalm 90:12, “Lord, teach me to number my days that I may get a heart of wisdom.”


  1. Climbing God’s Ladder -Part 1
  2. Climbing God’s Ladder -Part 2
  3. Dead Men Walking
  4. Jesus
  5. The “Seed”
  6. Receiving the Kingdom
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