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This is the second message in the Iron Sharpening Iron album.

This series asks probing questions, and gives serious answers to men of God. Authentic discipleship, leadership and stewardship issues are examined. Every decision we make as men of God has significant implications for us, because they are part of the Lord’s training for our future leadership and authority in His Kingdom. If we fail to understand this spiritual dynamic, we make many wrong decisions that hinder our growth and preparation. We are being trained to rule and reign with Him. How is your training process going? Are you Advancing, Retreating, or Remaining the Same?


  1. Iron Sharpening Iron – Part 1
  2. Iron Sharpening Iron – Part 2
  3. Iron Sharpening Iron – Part 3
  4. Iron Sharpening Iron – Part 4
  5. Iron Sharpening Iron – Part 5
  6. Iron Sharpening Iron – Part 6
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