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This is the first message in the Stewards of the Fire album.

God has entrusted all of His true disciples with many things, including His gifts, His anointings, His callings, and His authority. Learning how to be “wise and faithful stewards” (Matt. 24:45-51, Luke 12:42-48) is a very important part of our “training for reigning” with Him. In fact, how well or poorly you steward what has been entrusted to you, or if you don’t do it at all, or even abuse your stewardship, will determine not only the level of your eternal reward, but even your eternal destiny. Understanding how important stewardship is to the Lord will help you, as you learn how to steward every aspect of your life.


  1. Guard Your Barley Pot
  2. Follow Your Passion
  3. Build the Body of Christ
  4. Stewarding His Anointing
  5. Stewarding His Gifts
  6. Stewards of the Fire
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