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This is the third message in The Potter and the Clay album.

God is the Potter and we are the clay. Just as God created man from the earth and formed him from the clay, so God continues to form our lives today. He works by His Spirit in the deepest parts of our being to conform us to His image. He brings healing and deliverance as well as correction and adjustment. But in order for God to be able to form us into “vessels of honor,” we must place ourselves upon the Potter’s wheel and allow the Potter to do the work He desires to do. He will not work in us contrary to our will. He will not force us to get on His wheel, or to remain there. Many get off before the Potter’s work is done. Will you stay on the wheel until the Potter is pleased with His work?


  1. The Hands of the Potter
  2. Who is in Control?
  3. Fully Yielded
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