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The Bible reveals that Satan is a master liar and deceiver (John 8:44). In our walk of faith, we must learn how to discern the lies that he so skillfully uses against us. In this series, Dr. Morgan exposes the strategies that Satan uses to convince us that his lies are really the truth. Once we believe those lies, we make them the truth for our lives, and instead of having God’s victory and blessings, we live defeated lives. In these CDs, you will learn how to discern those lies and how to replace them with the Truth of God’s Word. You will also learn to use “The Power of Words,” so that you can win “The Battle of Words.”


  1. Exposing the Lies
  2. The Power of Words
  3. The Battle of Words
  4. The Wind of Lies
  5. Replace the Lies
  6. Everyday Joy and Victory
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