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This is the fourth message in the Jewish Roots and the Kingdom of God album.

The Jewish Roots of the Christian faith are really about the Kingdom of God. Learning about our Jewish Roots, we discover the authentic “faith once delivered to the saints,” and how this “faith,” like the ministry of Jesus, is really focused on the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.

Building upon this understanding, we examine authentic apostolic ministry, its motivation, and its importance for building unity in the Body of Christ. Without a Jewish Roots understanding of the real nature of apostolic ministry, we will repeat history and instead of building the Kingdom of God, we will once again build human religious organizations that are nothing more than
“Empires of Self.”


  1. Jewish Roots and the Kingdom of God – Part 1
  2. Jewish Roots and the Kingdom of God – Part 2
  3. Jewish Roots and the Kingdom of God – Part 3
  4. Entering the Kingdom
  5. Authentic Biblical Religion
  6. Discipleship, Maturity, Ministry
  7. Apostolic Foundations and Modern Restoration
  8. The Kingdom of God
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