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This is the second message in the Balancing Your Life album.

One of the most important characteristics of any disciple is good stewardship. By our stewardship God is able to measure our faithfulness and our ability to be entrusted with the true riches of His Kingdom. How are you managing (stewarding) the resources the Lord has entrusted to you? Do you see all the Lord has given you? Are you managing it correctly, or do you only see the lack that you have?

Jesus fed the multitude with a little boy’s lunch. Today He asks of you what He asked of the disciples that day, “Give me what you have.” Jesus also taught that “Those who are faithful with little shall be Lord over much.” Are you burying your talents? Or are you taking them to the “traders” so you can “bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God?”

1. Desires
2. Destiny
3. Anointing

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