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This is the second message in the No Turning Back album.

Facing and overcoming the many difficulties and obstacles of life is part of our training as disciples in the Kingdom of God. In this series, Dr. Morgan teaches us how we can use the pain in our lives as a source of instruction and training. As we learn this powerful lesson, the pain we experience, or are afraid that we will experience, will never overcome us. Understanding The Power of Pain
prepares us to enter confidently into the next level of life with God. We gain a new freedom to learn how to Trust and Obey His Voice in our own spirit. Building upon these two spiritual foundations, we can face the “Fear of Man” and never again be intimidated or hindered by what other people think, say, or do.


  1. Trust and Obey His Voice
  2. Defeating the “What ifs”
  3. The Power of Pain
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