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This is the first message in the Defeating the Spirit of Religion album.

The spirit of religion is the counterfeit to the Holy Spirit. We must learn how to recognize this spirit and his various activities, so we can remove him and his influences. The spirit of religion is oppressive, condemning and controlling. No one under his influence is free to make mistakes, which is an essential ingredient necessary for spiritual growth as a disciple of the Kingdom of God. When we remove the spirit of religion, the Holy Spirit is free to minister as He desires, and believers are free to learn, and change and grow.

In that environment of freedom, the purposes of God are no longer hindered and everyone is blessed. This spirit will only be defeated if we, together, decide that we will no longer suffer his deception and oppression, and rise up to remove him. He is already a defeated enemy! All we have to do is forcibly remove him. Are you ready to get free? Are you ready to go to war? If you are, this CD series is for you!


  1. Defeating the Spirit of Religion – Part 1
  2. Defeating the Spirit of Religion – Part 2
  3. Defeating the Spirit of Religion – Part 3
  4. Obedience
  5. Kingdom Disciples
  6. Apostolic Motivation
  7. The Restoration of the Church
  8. Restoration Revolution
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