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Don’t allow yourself to be duped by the devil that you are doing the will of God by choosing “good.” The concept of “good” is very deceptive.

In the Garden of Eden, Eve saw THAT THE TREE WAS GOOD and she took the fruit and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil instead of the Tree of Life, and passed a piece to Adam.

Counterfeits are often hidden by the label of “good.” As disciples, we are called to discern the difference between counterfeit and the authentic word of the Lord, be it religion or the choices we make in our life.

God desires us to always choose from the Tree of Life, the only fruit He approves of and rewards. Discipling relationships are essential to help one another choose from the Tree of Life. We need each other for spiritual discernment. You may not see the serpent’s presence in your situation or choice.

Judgment begins in the House of God and there will be severe rebuke and punishment for slackers and abusive stewards of the Word of God.

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