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This is the first message in the Weapons for Warriors album.

In 2 Corinthians 6:7, the Apostle Paul teaches us that there are “weapons of righteousness” available to everyone who is engaged in spiritual battles. In these messages, Dr. Morgan adds to his popular and powerful “Spiritual Warfare” teachings series. The weapons we learn about are the power of understanding our ‘identity in the Messiah,’ how we are engaged in a ‘battle of words,’ and the strategic importance of ‘obedience’ to the call of the Lord upon our lives. We are also instructed in how to be ‘healed from our wounds’ that we suffer in our spiritual confrontations. We also learn how to ‘glory in our scars,’ because they are our ‘spiritual medals.’

As we are armed with these weapons, we are strengthened in our inner man so that we will be victorious in the future battles we will all face until the Lord returns and gives us final victory!


1. Choose Freedom
2. Warriors of the Kingdom
3. Faithful and Obedient
4. Aberrant Religion
5. Your Scars are Your Medals
6. Healing for Your Words

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