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How to unlock thoughts which become vows & decisions. Israel had outward idolatry but we have internal covenants; I can’t, I want, is a restraint. You will never live past the lie that you have made a covenant with. Every thought is filtered through the covenant you made. Self-rules and Satan enters in. Satan does not want you to become an obedient disciple.

Your soul responds to the unconscious covenant. Examine feelings which can lead you into wrong decisions. God wants to free you from every wrong thought. We believe the lie, rather than what God has for us. The fruitfulness of your life highlights the resistance.

We are called to speak the truth in love and be a living sword. Learn, change grow and bear more fruit. Grow fruit producing relationships with each other so we don’t remain the same. The growth of each other in the body is your business. It is everybody’s responsibility to create a community.

Unlock & open. We have to be unlockable and not unteachable.

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