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The process of growing as a disciple has three distinct stages. In the first one, God has to BREAK you. During this season, the Lord delivers you from the lies and the strongholds of the world, the flesh, and the devil. At this sometimes-painful time, you make important decisions that not only affect your future fruitfulness as a disciple, but also your eternal destiny. After you have successfully allowed the Lord to BREAK you, He then takes you into the next season, where He begins to BUILD you. During this time, you will learn who you really are in Christ, what your supernatural calling and gifts are, and what ministries you have. Then you come to the final stage of spiritual maturity, when you BECOME a mature, influential and significant minister, bearing much fruit for the Kingdom of God.


  1. Breaking the Spirit of Religion
  2. Breaking Idols
  3. Restoring God’s Image in You
  4. Building Spiritual Walls
  5. Knowing Who You Are in Christ
  6. Walking in the Anointing
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