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This is the second message in the Partners with God album.

As we return to a Biblical understanding of how God’s Kingdom functions and how God Himself administrates His Kingdom, we will be better equipped to fulfill our ministries. One of the foundational principles of the Kingdom is that every member of the Body of Christ must not only grow personally as a disciple, but has a responsibility to help other believers grow as disciples. This process of personal growth and the nurturing of others requires an ever-increasing intimacy with, and obedience to, the Holy Spirit. Without this ongoing spiritual dynamic, our life of faith can degenerate into “mere religion.” We bear more fruit for the Kingdom of God when we grow in intimacy and obedience to the Holy Spirit. This maturity enables us to see the genuine versus the counterfeit in the Church. We can then recognize why there is so much division in the Church and how we can help remedy it. There is clearly a difference between building “God’s Kingdom” and the “Empire of Self.” These two messages will challenge and encourage you to “Partner With God” in “Birthing God’s Kingdom.”


  1. Partners with God
  2. Birthing God’s Kingdom
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