I was in prayer one evening when I began to have a vision. I saw the Lord standing as a King in a huge room in a great castle where there was a large round table. My attention was then brought to the countryside where I could see people in terrible condition. They were starving, dressed in rags, and bleeding from various injuries as they cowered in terror of great fire breathing dragons.  

I watched as the King selected various individuals and called them to Himself. He brought them to His roundtable and fed, clothed and healed them. He then put armor on them and gave them shields and swords. He spoke to them saying, “You are my Knights. I am giving you my weapons and my authority. Go, slay the dragons and set my people free.”   

I watched as the Knights went out in different directions, each one defeating dragons, beheading them, and setting the people free.   

Then the vision shifted. The knights began to feel insecure and fearful that they would lose what they conquered to another knight. They became suspicious, envious and accusatory as they turned against each other. Seeking to protect and control what they considered their own property and their own people, they erected walls of separation. I saw the Kings country filled with walls and fences. As they built the walls, I was amazed to see the dragons come back to life. But now each dragon had two fire breathing heads instead of one.   

I understood that the people were now under the domination and control of both the knights and the dragons.   

Then the vision shifted again and I watched the King looking at His knights who were sitting around the table with their armor, shields and swords to give an account. He stood up and was furious. His eyes blazed with wrath. He was so livid with rage that His hands were gripping the table with such intensity that they were white in color.   

He said, “When I called each of you, you were nothing, you were starving, dressed in rags and bleeding. I brought you into my castle, I fed you, clothed you and healed you. I gave you my armor and my weapons. I gave you my authority to set my people free. And what did you do! You took what I gave you and used it for yourself. You carved my Kingdom up into your petty little fiefdoms!!

Then the vision ended.