To the Black community, my Black friends and followers, we want to say that your life matters to us. In fact, every aspect of your life matters to us.

To those who are exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assemble and for freedom of speech, we stand with you. May your voices move our society and our laws in the direction of true equality and justice for all.

To those who use peaceful protests as a cover for criminal activities, STOP! You are hurting your own people and the righteousness of their cause. You are creating an atmosphere of fear, deep mistrust, and resentment. These will only add more poison into our society as it exacerbates racial tensions and deepens our racial divisions.

To all police officers, we want to say thank you for your service. We know you do a difficult and often dangerous job every day. We know you put your life on the line to protect society from its criminal elements. Thank You!

To those police officers who believe they can use their uniforms as a cover to abuse their authority and brutalize or even kill those in your custody, or to use it as a shield that you believe allows you to vent your racial hatred, get out of law enforcement and get help! Your evil dishonors your uniform, your fellow officers and your country.

To everyone who is reading this, we believe that racism is both a sin and a sickness. If the sin of racism lives in your heart, repent of the very root of racism which is just old fashioned carnal fleshly pride. Show your repentance by bringing forth some fruit of that repentance.

If the sickness of racism is poisoning your heart, ask the Lord to heal you. The remedy for the sickness of racism is Love. Ask God to fill you with His love for everyone. Perhaps it is time to read John 3:16 again. My life was profoundly changed many years ago when He showed me His love for all people.

Remember God has “…made of one blood people of all nations to live on all the face of the​ earth,…”

(Acts 17:26)

Pastors, may I suggest that you share your pulpits with each other and organize joint meetings where the people can have an opportunity to fellowship and get to know one another.

Racism is another successful strategy of Satan to divide and conquer. Let us no longer allow him to rob us of the treasures that are in each other.

To those who say “I am only one person, what can I do?” Let me encourage you to be like a match struck in the darkness. Its light can be seen for quite a distance. Be kind to everyone. Open a door for someone. Smile at people, it says something nice. Say hello, be friendly. Small steps… one lit match….see what happens next!